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There IS Another Option

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

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  • Have you ever said or thought to yourself, "I'm exhausted. I have nothing left to give?"
  • Do you spend much of your day doing for others only to find yourself left without time to do for yourself? 
  • What would it feel like for you to be supported the way you support everyone else around you?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current situation and not quite sure how to move forward?
  • Have you been trying everything you know how to do but keep getting the same unwanted results?

I know where you are coming from.

Not that long ago, I felt completely stuck. Like I had reached the ceiling of what I could make in my business. And since I love what I do, it felt even worse. I wasn't looking to change "jobs." I wanted to make what I was doing work - for me and my clients. I was determined to find a solution to my dilemma.

My dilemma? How do I serve authentically and with integrity, do my work in this world, help people to transform their health, their relationships, every area of their lives for the better; how do I help them live their dreams AND still make the money I need & want to live the lifestyle I desire? Helping other people achieve success, health & happiness, however they define that, lights me up. How can I do that with integrity and still make money? There had to be a way. I saw so many other colleagues doing well for themselves, why was I feeling left behind? Where was my piece of the pie? What was I missing?

At the time, I was doing it all. I had to. How could I trust anyone to help me. I had to do it all. Asking for help was a sign that I was 'less-than' and 'not good enough' or weak or my personal favorite, 'LAZY.' I was telling myself these lies. But the problem was that, somewhere deep inside, I thought they were true. I believed the lies I was telling myself. I thought I was inherently lazy and that taking a break or resting or 'not doing' once in a while just proved my laziness. I thought that doing things differently, like asking for help, was just an opportunity for me to get hurt and disappointed. And since I couldn't trust anyone to do things the way I wanted them done, it would just wind up being more work for me in the long run, so why bother. Everyone is out for themselves and if I ask for help, I open myself up to a world of pain, betrayal, and loss. In my world, it felt dangerous and unsafe to ask for help. And I couldn't rest because that just showed my laziness so I just got completely busy with doing doing doing, leaving me depleted, angry, exhausted and frustrated. I felt stuck & trapped in my own life.

And I actually love what I do.

I know this sounds dramatic, but this was the reality I lived in inside my head for many years. Much of it was unconscious, and I kept seeing the same results show up in my life. The same situations with different faces and could not understand. Why on earth, if I was working so hard and trying everything I knew how to do to change things for the better, why on earth was I still getting the same crazy, unwanted, disappointing, results?

I had many insights and ah-ha moments along the way, but the major breakthroughs finally came to me when I finally asked for help. AND moreover, when I allowed myself to RECEIVE the help I was asking for. I never thought that kind of support was something I could let in to my life.

I did not think I was entitled to receive help. I thought I needed permission from my spouse, my friends, my family. Why on earth I believed someone outside of me would understand especially when they weren't doing it for themselves is beyond me. I was looking for validation that it was ok; that is was ok to take a stand for my own well being. Until I had a realization. I needed to take a stand for me because no one else will. I needed to say YES to me. Problem was, I didn't think I was worth it. 

Well I was.  
I am.  

You can go through life like I did for many years, trying to be the superhero. Doing it all, fixing everyone and everything around you. When I finally stopped and paid attention to myself AND got the support I needed. I realized the truth. My truth. And what I found was life changing. I am worth it. I am deserving of the support I need to help me achieve my goals. And what I realized was that without it, life would just keep going down the same road. I would keep getting the same results that were making me unhappy because I refused to receive the support.  

The solution came in this way. I learned to ask for what I need from the right people, NOT the well meaning people with their judgments and criticism and their own ideas of what is right for me. I learned to trust the right people who would listen to what I wanted and then help me take one step at a time to live my dreams faster than I could ever have gotten there alone. I surrounded myself with this kind of support and love. And in hindsight, I realize, I would never have gotten here with out them. I would still be spinning my wheels wishing and hoping and praying that someday things would be different for me. I had to take the action and give myself what I needed in order to get what I wanted. 

You can create the sustainable changes you desire & propel yourself forward into the life you've envisioned for yourself for years.

Having someone advocating for my success, my health and my happiness has made all the difference and for that I am forever grateful. 

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