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A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

Renewal, Rebirth & Awakening

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

My magnolia tree April 2015

My magnolia tree April 2015

How is it May already? My magnolia tree was in full bloom one minute and now the flowers have mostly fallen to the ground.

I'm still savoring the bittersweet ending to a beautiful weekend a few weeks ago in the mountains with 12 people that have been integral in my growth as a spiritual being on the human path.

For the past 10 years I've been a facilitator in a program that is one of the oldest self-discovery programs in the country. It's called the Inner Quest Intensive. Three times a year, Jason & I would make the pilgrimage up to Kripalu, nestled in the magnificent Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, to serve this program & the countless willing & ready participants whose lives would be forever changed, for the better. The levels of impact & healing this program has had in my own life, is beyond words & sometimes seems beyond comprehension. So much of who I am & how I live is because of the work I did in this program. So much of what I do & how I serve is because of the transformation I underwent in the course of this 4-day, life changing event.  

Many of the things I learned from the IQI, I share and teach in my yoga classes & trainings on and 'off-the-mat.' It is a core piece of my work as a coach, as a yogi, and as a human being.   

And now, The Inner Quest Intensive is changing its form as we know it. Kripalu will no longer offer this program after over 25 years.   

And while the IQI is changing form as we know it, it will continue to live on in each and everyone of us who has gone through the program, as well as all of us who have served it over the years.  

Together, we've learned to embrace what is & let go of attachment; we've learned acceptance of self & others; we've lived in & relaxed into the question and the unknown. Together, we've released fear, shame, guilt, doubt, anger; we've laughed & cried and laughed until we cried. We've practiced leaning into the discomfort and releasing the results. We've learned to trust each other and ourselves. We practiced saying hello and goodbye. We know the brilliance of being human and Spirit combined into one container & the true power of connection & authenticity. And we know the impermanence of it all.

IQI Angels gathering in Woodstock, NY - April 2015

IQI Angels gathering in Woodstock, NY - April 2015

My life has been forever increased & blessed by this family. I am filled with LOVE & GRATITUDE for each and everyone of these amazing beings in my life and for all that I have been given by each set of eyes and each heart in this sacred circle (and by those who are part of this sacred circle but could not attend this weekend). 

It is the true meaning of the word Sangha (spiritual community).

Who I am and what I do and how I be and how I show up in this world and do my work has been touched in informed by the work we have all done together of the past 10 years.

I look forward to see what comes next for us and our collective work together, as we close one chapter and open to a new page of unlimited possibility. 

May you be healthy. May you be happy, May you ride the waves of your life. May you live in peace, no matter what you're given.

None of us know what the future will look like. But we can be certain that by setting the intention that is will be good, so it becomes.  

Jai Bhagwan! (Victory to the Light Within You!)

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