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45 to 45 - Day 3: Behind-the-scenes


A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

45 to 45 - Day 3: Behind-the-scenes

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

“Never compare your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s high-light reel.”

I’ve been at this a long time now…

My career as a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Facilitator of Transformation is well over 27 years in the making. I was always a pretty spiritual kid, meditating since about 12, reading Thoreau, Emerson & Whitman back in high school, practicing yoga poses in my den while watching Family Ties (true story)....

From a very young age, my deepest desire was to live more & give more.

Still is.

And from the outside looking in, some might think I have it made: “You teach yoga classes for a living, for pete’s sake. You don’t REALLY work. How could you possibly be stressed.” 

To those of you who think that to be true, I respectfully say thanks for your opinion, but you clearly have no clue about what it ACTUALLY TAKES to be a successful entrepreneur. 

PLUS, just so you know, that kind of judgment is not only infuriating, but hurtful.

“You have it easy. You make your own hours, you don’t have a boss to answer to.”

Yes, my schedule is my own, but that is way harder to manage than you think. Just because I teach yoga, does not mean that all I do is sit in meditation for hours, practice Instagram-worthy poses, and drink smoothies all day. Don't assume the high-light reels you see on social media are telling you the whole story.

Truth is, yes, I do have a daily practice for my body, mind and spirit. BUT I also have my days full of business building, marketing, making contact with and serving clients, teaching, and creating content for programs and offerings. The list goes on. And sometimes it’s 12-15 hour days with sleepless nights and lots of blood, sweat & tears. 

And something else that you probably don't know is that it can be a very lonely journey. 

So, yes, I may have a flexible schedule but it is because I chose the harder path – a road less traveled. Everyday I choose to risk a “regular paycheck” so that I can have my time, money & creative freedom.

No, it’s not as easy as it looks on Facebook or Instagram. There is no magic pill for success. You have to show up, do the work, take the right actions and commit every single day to your dream, and be willing to risk it all in the face of naysayers and faithlessness. You need to TRUST in your vision, despite lack of evidence. Which means you have to really love it.

You have to love what you do. Because this is the part that most people don’t realize:

Every single day I have to self-motivate and be my own cheerleader and battle the terrifying depths of my own negative self-talk and limiting beliefs while being bombarded by all the highlight reels on social media platforms mirroring to me all the places I feel I am falling short AND reflecting all the things I am doing right.

I’m just saying, it’s ALOT to take in.

None of us should be so quick to judge what we don’t understand or don’t have the balls to try. 

Truth is you guys, I get tired. It’s fucking exhausting sometimes running your own business, and wearing so many hats - the boss, the creator, the manager, the employee. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s way better for me than a traditional “real” J-O-B where I have to commute and work a full day every day in the same place in a cubicle. (been there, done that). But entrepreneurship comes with its own host of issues. 

Can you relate? Whether or not you are an entrepreneur, I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below. Do you compare your behind-the-scenes to all the high-light reels out there? And for those entepreneurs and solo- preneurs out there, what are your biggest challenges? Share in the comments below. 



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