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45 to 45 - DAY 1: Ending my radio silence


A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

45 to 45 - DAY 1: Ending my radio silence

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

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Hey all.  So yesterday, after a very powerful network chiropractic session, I had a pretty major download, and here it is. There are just 45 days left until I turn 45! So I have been instructed, by the Universe, to share a blog post everyday with you for the next month and a half. That's right. 45 entries in 45 days! For those of you that enjoyed my year of daily haikus on Facebook, this is me amping it up a notch.  

My posts will include musings from my personal & professional life, on and off-the-mat lessons and probably some random thoughts. You'll get full disclosure of the inner workings of my brain and some sneak peeks at my human and divine experiences. I'll share my fears, and doubts, AND my courage and bravery with you and I promise - you and myself - to do my best to not mute or censor myself. I also hope to make you feel something, and spoiler alert, I will likely curse on occasion (some of you know how much I enjoy dropping an f-bomb now and again.) ;)

So stick around and enjoy the unfolding of what I am sure will prove to be amusing, insightful, motivating, inspiring, funny, moving, emotional and flat out real. It's just me, sharing me, my thoughts, and my life honestly, with you.

So here we go. 45 to 45 - Day 1. Ending My Radio Silence.

For almost 4 months now, I have limited the time I spend on social media & email. I decided to take a break, partly because I was in physical pain from being on the computer for so many hours a day and partly because I needed time for reflection. Radio silence was a byproduct of this shifting of gears. I needed time to reflect on the last 6 months of my life and business, since making one of the biggest and hardest decisions of my life - to close down the brick & mortar location of my yoga studio after 14.5 years

With all the free time I now had from not being online all day, something amazing happened. My life got wonderfully full. Between hosting coaching intensives & weekend retreats, attending birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, and graduation parties, taking trips to Woodstock and Cape Cod, eating countless Instagram-worthy meals, hosting family from Florida for a total of almost 4 weeks, & binging on Netflix, Hulu & HBOgo (the struggle is real folks),...the honest-to-God truth is, I decided I wanted to kick it old school for a bit and take the time to just live and enjoy my life without having to report about it. And something crazy happened. The world kept spinning AND I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

I also got crystal clear that social media was not necessarily working the way I had been told it would for me by various mentors and colleagues. Instead, it was eating up my time and energy and just keeping me busy. And ya know what? I HATE BEING BUSY. I hate doing things because I think I am 'supposed to' do them or making choices I think I "should" make, instead of doing things that feel right for me in my gut and in my heart; things that would lead to what I really want to create or give me the results I need. So I stopped. I stopped all of it. I took a BIG GIANT PAUSE to reassess everything I was doing and why and what I truly wanted to be focusing on. I needed to step away and rexamine how I was spending my most valuable, non-renewable resource - TIME.   

I often tell my clients that busy is not better. And busy does not mean productive, or effective for that matter. Most of the time, in fact, busy is actually more about doing busy work to avoid what ACTUALLY needs to be focused on. Being busy focuses our resources - time, energy & money - on tasks that we think we are supposed to do, or we have to do, or we should do - mostly because we don't realize that our time needs to be focused instead on the things that ONLY we can do. Otherwise we will wake up one day and life will have sped right by us while we continue to run on the hamster wheel, getting nowhere.

Being busy keeps us small, hidden, unhappy and unfulfilled. I know. I was an expert at it for years. Hiding, Being invisible. I thought it kept me safe. But it only left me feeling alone, isolated, stuck and like no one could possibly "get" me or what I was feeling or experiencing. And since no one could understand what I was going through, I convinced myself that I could and would have to figure it all out by myself, which made everything seem harder than it was.

Once I finally spoke up and shared my truth, I realized I wasn't as alone as I thought. Shining my light attracted other people just like me, to me. In fact, it also taught me that too many of us are muting ourselves. I was not alone. And if you are out there muting yourself, hiding your truth, busying yourself, you are not alone. It's time to speak up, end the radio silence and own your truth. So I am taking the lead here. Being the change I wish to see. Changing a long outdated paradigm - especially for women. We have better things to do than just being busy or keeping quiet about who we are and what we want and need.

I want to hear from you in the comments. Do you mute yourself? How? What are some of your go-to "keep yourself busy" activities? Where would you rather be spending your resources of time, energy and money?

What other topics do you want me to share about over these next 45 days? Let me know. I personally read all of your comments and LOVE hearing from you. Thanks for reading.

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