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Luxury VIP Day

This Summer 2015

Step into Your Extraordinary Life.

With your very own, customized,
Yoga LifeStyle VIP Day ON LOCATION
with Tracy Robin,
Happiness, Freedom & Empowerment Coach
Divine Living Certified


A Luxurious, Yoga LifeStyle VIP Day, ON LOCATION in Southern California! 
It's Time to Let the True You Shine!

I've had the honor of facilitating intensives with many diverse clients, and one element remains the same: the depth of personal transformation & empowerment that occurs in these private days is always extraordinary.

To add to the luxurious and comprehensive elements of the coaching expertise you'll receive, you'll also benefit from the profound energy of each location. Each feminine, high-frequency location is designed to raise your vibration so that you naturally attract the desires of your heart. 

Only 6 spots available.

Read below to discover which venue is right for you.



  • Welcome packet to help us utilize your day most efficiently. 
  • One Night’s Luxury Accommodations
  • A Healthy, Gourmet Lunch
  • 1 Yoga LifeStyle VIP Day On Location: A 6-hr Customized Day of Coaching to begin creating the reality you desire in your life, health, love & business.
  • 1, 30-minute follow up session, 1 week after your VIP day, to help you stay on track. 

You will receive private support, guidance and accountability as well as a personalized plan of action with easy steps to implement right away to reach your goals. 

Your ON LOCATION, VIP DAY will be customized based on what you view as an extraordinary life for you.

Do you want a loving relationship or better boundaries in your existing relationships? 

Do you want to do work that you love and finally end the cycle of overworking & under-earning? 

Do you want to make a commitment to your health and well-being that you can keep? 

Do you want more time for self-care, travel & the things you love to do?

Do you want an overall better life/work balance?

Creating your extraordinary life begins with having a game plan. It begins with not just knowing what you want but having the support and accountability to help guide you to actually achieve and attain all the levels of fulfillment that you seek. 


What areas will your Yoga LifeStyle VIP Day ON LOCATION cover?

We will focus on the following areas of your life, based on your individual desires & what is most pressing for YOU:

Discover a new way of looking at your health, your current eating habits and your relationship with food. Create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle and wellness in your body.


Explore how your relationship with yourself effects all of your relationships. Develop healthy, respectful boundaries where needed, stop the overwhelm & overcommiting and learn how to open up to receive the love & support you desire & deserve.


Catapult yourself to a higher earning potential! Your relationship with money affects all the other areas of your life including: your health, your relationship, and the work that you choose to do. Hone in on the specific areas where you need to make adjustments to charge your worth, stop the feast/famine cycles AND the over-working/under-earning habits in your life. 


Find fulfillment in the work you do. Identify the pros & cons of your current job and gain clarity on the work you desire to be doing. Transform your work into a double blessing and love what you do.

Your thoughts create the reality you are living. Fear, self-doubt and other emotions will govern your life if you let them. When your mindset shifts, so does your life. Eliminate negative beliefs and patterns of behavior & thought that are keeping you stuck, frustrated and have been stopping you from attaining your goals. Install customized, upgraded beliefs that inspire & elevate you.


Celebrate the art of self-love. Nurturing your body is essential to your success. The wisdom of your body will always guide you toward your bliss. Design unique, personalized self-care routines and rituals to keep you happy and healthy from the inside out.

You will leave your VIP day with a strategic plan in place to create the happiness, health and abundance you’ve been seeking. 


I will never forget when I went to my first luxury VIP intensive with my own coach. It not only changed my life, it improved my career, deepened my relationship AND my income increased!

All because I said yes to myself.  

I said YES AND I won't lie, I was terrified. I had so many doubts:

Can I do this?
Is it OK for me to say yes to something like this for myself? It's just so out of the ordinary for me?
Is it OK for me to allow myself something so grand, so luxurious or is that just for other women? Is it really worth it? Am I allowed to receive on this level? Can I? Should I? What if?  All of the questions and doubts and fears I had came up for me. AND...

It all really came down to two questions:

Is this what I desire? &  Am I worth it?  
Is my success, my relationship, my health, my happiness, my life - Is it worth it?  Is my life worth it? 

The answer was a resounding YES YES YES & YES and anything else that I bumped up against was simply self-doubt or me thinking that other people might judge me for saying yes!  

Other people's opinions are actually not our business (thank god). 

What really matters is how YOU feel about you. 
How do you feel every morning when you wake up to your life as it is now?

If you desire more than you are living, if you are an extraordinary woman living an ordinary life and are tired of the same patterns repeating over and over again in your relationships, your health and in your bank account, what are you doing about it? 

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, now is your time.

Now is your time to create & LIVE your extraordinary life on your terms.

Don't put this off or you will find yourself being unhappy and unfulfilled for another month, year or even decades. Your life is happening now.

Create the extraordinary life you always imagined on your terms so that every area of your life is aligned and inspires you to be more truly, joyfully, authentically, YOU. 
Choose the location that lights you up!


Santa Barbara, California

For the woman looking to experience a rich culture while simultaneously absorbing breathtaking scenery, Santa Barbara is the perfect choice.

Santa Barbara has been touted as "The American Riviera" likely because its geography and climate are similar to that of areas along the northern Mediterranean Sea coast. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains you receive the balance of the feminine (ocean) and masculine (mountains). It’s the perfect place for your Yoga LifeStyle VIP day On Location to support you in manifesting your own desires without over-working and to do it in a fresh, unique way that infuses a new vitality into everything you want to create. A luxurious coastal town, Santa Barbara’s “everyday elegance” will leave you feeling sun-kissed and right at home. Farm-to-table dining, a myriad of Historical Landmarks, captivating scenery - including parks, fountains, courtyards, and premiere shopping await in the city that finds a way to remain both comfortable and chic. You'll leave with greater clarity about all the possibilities already awaiting you.

BUY NOW $5000 
one payment • V, MC, Disc, Amex


Santa Monica, California

For the woman who wants to experience it all,
Santa Monica is the ultimate retreat.

This beachfront “famed resort town” is bordered by the city of Los Angeles – including Pacific Palisades to the north, West Los Angeles on the east, and Venice on the southeast. Home to many Hollywood celebs, the city offers a 8.3 square miles of walkable terrain, accompanied by 3.5 miles of coastline and beaches. When the city shifts gears at night, you can enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean as the night comes to life. From the lavish shopping at the Third Street Promenade to the fine dining and entertainment located on Santa Monica Pier, enjoying your Yoga LifeStyle VIP day On Location in this comfortably chic coastal city, you will see how many choices life truly has in store for you. 

BUY NOW $5000 
one payment • V, MC, Disc, Amex


Palm Springs, California

For the woman with an adventurous spirit,
Palm Springs is a stunning “off-the-beaten-path” retreat.

This desert resort city located within the Colorado Desert in California, 107 mi (172 km) east of Los Angeles. With more than 350 days of sunshine a year, Palm Springs is the perfect destination for anyone who desires to be outdoors! The city became a fashionable resort in the 1900s when tourists came to soak in the dry heat to improve their health. And since the 1920’s, Hollywood movie stars have been attracted by the hot dry, sunny weather and seclusion. Your Yoga LifeStyle VIP day On Location in this stylish resort city offers you luxurious healing, and nourishment for the feminine. Enjoy shopping in quirky boutiques, dining in fabulous bistros and strolling through the numerous art galleries and museums of the area. Or you can rejuvenate at any number of local spas, play a round of tennis or simply lounge by the pool as you relish the art of doing nothing at all. 

BUY NOW $5000 
one payment • V, MC, Disc, Amex


Beverly Hills, California

For the woman who secretly longs to be treated with the lavish service, and unapologetic prestige of a movie star,
Beverly Hills is a sophisticated, First-class getaway.

Surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills is home to many actors and celebrities. This glamorous enclave in the center of Los Angeles became associated with movie stars back in 1919, when Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, moved in. One of three neighboring cities, known as the “Platinum Triangle,” Beverly Hills has been home to Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and more recently, Jennifer Aniston, David Spade and Vera Wang. The high frequency of this location is sure to evoke your personal style, feminine elegance & the divine diva in you. Indulge in world-renowned shopping along famed Rodeo Drive, enjoy a luxurious spa treatment, savor the exquisite dining, catch a glimpse of a celebrity as you take in the beautiful weather on a number of walking tours which explore the city. This beautiful city offers the ultimate in luxury for every taste. Your Yoga LifeStyle VIP day On Location in Beverly Hills is perfect for creating the big dream life you have always imagined for yourself as you become the celebrity in your own life and business.

BUY NOW $5000 
one payment • V, MC, Disc, Amex