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A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

Live to the point of tears!

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

When Michelangelo was asked how he sculpted the statue of David, he responded that, he simply chipped away all the stone that was NOT David. This is the experience that a coaching relationship fosters. It offers you the ongoing support & safe container to release all that is not you & all that is no longer serving you, so that your truest, authentic self can be revealed & freed.

I am so grateful to be a life coach & yogini, facilitating such profound transformation. I feel so lit up by my work AND my life. I am so grateful for all that I have been given, for all that I have lived, for all that I am learning on this journey and for the woman I am becoming in the process. I literally am living to the point of tears. Bursting with joy, exhilaration & immense gratitude. I absolutely love the journey, the process, the evolution, the discoveries, the rewards and the celebration of it all. 

It is so incredible to witness this metamorphosis that all begins when a woman says YES to herself and her life, on her terms, unapologetically. And no, it is not selfish or self-centered or conceited. It is actually what must happen for the rest of your life to unfold as you desire. AND the bonus is that ALL circumstances in your life including your relationships - family, marriage, personal, professional, even with your children - will vastly improve, the happier YOU become.

The happier you allow yourself to get, the more you will have to give. The healthier choices you make, the healthier you and your life will become. The more you take right action in the direction of your dreams, the more your reality will transform into what you have been seeking all along.  

BUT you must be willing to say YES to you, and you must be willing to do things differently. Stop waiting for the right time and all the money to appear. You cannot wait for circumstances to change before you make the commitment to your happiness. The laws of the universe do not work that way. You must make the commitment FIRST. Only then will you be able to change your circumstances. 

Are you living to the point of tears? Are you lit up by your life?  Do you want to be? Or is ‘good enough’ really what you desire?  

I see sooooooooo many women waiting and waiting, making excuses; living by someone else’s rules & expectations; seeking permission to go after your dreams; allowing fear, shame, guilt, self-doubt & the worry of uncertainty, to control your decision making; getting stuck in analysis paralysis, weighing the pros & cons. It all just leaves you spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

The truth is, You cannot heal the problem with the same thinking with which it was created. You only have your limited perspective & point of view, which, with all due respect, is what created your problem in the first place. I know because I used to struggle with the same issue. I thought I had to and could do it all by myself, read enough books, take enough seminars; I could figure it all out, on my own. Having a coach & getting that broader, experienced, unbiased perspective IS the secret ingredient. It is what you need in order to get to the source of the issues keeping you stuck & unhappy.

If you have been reading what I have been sharing in my previous blogs, newsletters and mailers, and ANY of it resonates with you on ANY level, then a part of you recognizes this as your own truth. Part of you knows that your desires, dreams & goals ARE possible. Part of you desires a greater level of freedom and happiness. Yet, you tell yourself, it is too hard to achieve on your own and you can't get the help you desire. But since you are still determined to try to do it anyway; to try to prove to yourself, your peers, your parents, your partners, that you can do it, you insist on TRYING TO DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN, EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU. 

But what good will it do you or your family or your loved ones if you show up dis-eased, or DEAD, to your own victory party? 

I know that sounds melodramatic, but it is true. You have one life to live, in this body. What will you decide? What will you do with this life & all the gifts you have been given? Will you struggle through because you are afraid of the unknown or of asking for help? Will you sit idly by, waiting, wishing and hoping for your circumstances to change? Or will you take right action to change them?

I say, take right action and SAY YES TO YOU. Chip away all that is not you, all that no longer serves the life you are trying to create, and let the true you be revealed & freed. You have the right to experience the deep freedom and joy you have been seeking. Go for it!  Get the support you need and trust that when you do, ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE and you become the sculptor of your own reality. 

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