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45 to 45 - Day 12: Messages From A Higher Power Within.


A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

45 to 45 - Day 12: Messages From A Higher Power Within.

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

It is said that Prayer is asking the Universe questions and Meditation is listening for the answers. As a life long practitioner of Meditation, I have honed my skill over time to listen inwardly & hear my inner guidance system. Call it God, call it intuition, call it inner voice - it is miraculous what comes through when I get out of my own way and just listen & receive.


Today, I thought I would share with you what came though for me recently on July 6, 2017 after a powerful healing session. I was feeling a bit disheartened, defeated and hopeless that day. Here is a message for you (& me) from me & the Universe.

"Heartbreak is a human emotion. You are here to experience an array of emotion because it enriches your embodiment. BUT you must always remember that you are Human AND Divine. You are more than those human emotions, fears & doubts. Where you come from, everything you desire IS yours. You created it with us, as us. You can choose to create what-so-ever your heart longs for and it is so. You create it with your thoughts  - which is why your daily practice for your human mind is so important. Because as human, we forget. As divine you already are, do and have everything. You have it all. And if every day, twice a day, you can remember that truth, your heart won't break as much. 

You, my dear, are our deepest expression of love. You cannot fail or let us down. we brought you here to this place for a great purpose. More than your human eyes or heart can know or fathom. You must trust us in you. With unwavering faith - you must trust us in you, as you. We will not leave you, ever! You have been given great power beyond your own human comprehension and we want you to lean into that knowing. Your purpose is deep. When you forget - move, meditate, journal, sing. Always know, in every moment, you can and are creating it with us, for us. And remember to enjoy it. Have faith in your actions, words & choices. Know it is done and it will be. Everything you desire is a thought, a word, and action away. Universe is with you always. Use us fully. We love you. Let your heart and mind expand and be amazed, astounded & exhilarated."


This message was so powerful for me and shifted me out of a dark place. Has it helped you? How? Do you get downloads from the Universe? I'd love to hear more. Let me know in the comments. 

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