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Premature Transformation

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

I see it so often and perhaps you have experienced it too. You have a great idea and desire to make something happen so that your life is better for you and you talk about how much you want it and how hard you are working to try to make that dream become a reality. Your heart is totally in the right place, and yet, no matter what you do, you can't seem to change your situation to what you want. Instead you keep getting more of the same thing.  

Does this sound like you? Have you had this happen in any area of your life? 

Energetically you feel stuck. You keep bumping up against the blocks that have you spinning your wheels continuously and not getting anywhere, And the sad thing is so many people just give up there and resign to believing that they cannot have what they want because of their circumstances.

The hard truth is this: There is nothing outside of you that is causing your suffering.  It is your own resistance that stands between you and EVERYTHING you desire.

Here's how it works. There are two energetic currents. The Path of Liberation which is an upward flowing current (the path to spirit, source, truth), and the Path to Manifestation, which is a downward flowing current (the path to creating your reality exactly as you want it to be). Think of it as the currents that lead to Heaven & Earth. The upward path is one that feels like freedom, connection to God, Source, Universal Energy (whatever you want to call it). The downward path is one of creation and form, matter & substance

Ideally you want there to be free flowing energy in both directions. Which is essentially what the teachings of the Tantric Yogic Paths expound. We can have freedom in these bodies here & now. We don't have to wait until we die to experience true joy nor do we need to suffer through life.

There is this confusion on the spiritual path - including, but not limited to, lovers & practitioners of yoga. Let's call them freedom seekers. A freedom seeker longs to be free and happy (accessing the upward path of energy) seeking Heaven on Earth, if you will. However, she is experiencing some sort of dissatisfaction because reality is NOT matching up with her desire (AKA the downward current is not producing the wanted results). She therefore, not surprisingly, repels the earth energy and reaches for heaven and that upward flowing current. This leaves her ungrounded and living in her head. She is filled with a deep hope that things will change and has a vivid, clear vision of what life will look like when that finally happens, BUT she still has difficulty creating wanted and much needed changes. She has not figured out how to bring what she wants into her reality, no matter how hard she tries. She can envision what she wants and she talks about it and she is a loving, compassionate soul, but try as she might, nothing is changing. She cannot seem to reach the goals she desires. So, she convinces herself that she is so spiritual that the things she wants are unimportant and insignificant. YIKES!

What is really happening here is denial of one's true desires, which is sadly, self-betrayal and self-abandonment

(Just a side note. While I am speaking in feminine terms here, the same is true for men.)

It is also what I affectionately call, premature transformation. It occurs when a person doesn't like what they are living, she doesn't want to feel the "bad" feelings & reality is too hard. So instead she denies that she wants anything, materialistic or otherwise, convinces herself that she is happy where she is with what she has, when in fact, she is not really happy at all. She puts on a brave face and act as if. Often she believes that if she simply creates affirmations that are positive, that alone will turn everything around. Unfortunately, if it helps at all, it is only temporary, It is not the solution and is where so many people go wrong. 

Do you find yourself in your head a lot? Do you talk excessively about what you desire while things stay exactly the same? Are you dreaming, wishing, praying even, connecting with source and being REALLY compassionate and yet nothing changes? Do you recite your affirmations hoping they will change the reality you are living?

Eventually it might seem that living in your head is better than your reality. BUT this only leads to you being cut off from your truth; cut off from your own power, from your own feelings & from your ability to create and have what you truly want. 

This disconnection happens because you energetically attempt to sever your earthly connection - which further makes it challenging to change anything. Since everything you are living in the physical realm is manifest here and now on Earth (using the downward current), in order to change anything, you yourself need to get grounded in that reality. You too, have to open up to be available to work in & with the downward current.

To manifest change, to truly create, on purpose, the wealth, health, love, whatever it is that you desire, you must access your will, your power. In exercising your right to act, sustainable change becomes possible. From there you must allow yourself to receive support and connect with others outside of you, who can help you to achieve your goals, and then putting one foot in front of the other, before you know it, you can be living what, up until now, has only been a dream. But you must act and then allow yourself to receive it instead of resist it.

And here is the ultimate irony. In utilizing this downward flowing current, you can manifest your desires in the physical form and on the earthly plane. And when you do this, you will instantly feel more connected to source via the current of liberation, because it is the essence of what you desire, not the thing itself that feels like freedom to you. Most everything you desire, you desire because of how it will make you feel, not necessarily for the obtainment of the thing itself. 

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