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45 to 45 - Day 2: High Anxiety


A place for me to share with you my experiences of being human & divine.

45 to 45 - Day 2: High Anxiety

Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki

Back in 2013, I worked with a wonderful coach who asked me if I was on medication for anxiety.  I thought she was nuts. Do you know me? Anyone that knows me knows that I don't really do meds. If you come to my house and have a headache, I don't even have Tylenol in my medicine cabinet. I would likely offer you some DoTerra peppermint essential oil or a beadlet and ask you how much water you drink. And wait a second. Did she say Anxiety?! What the heck did she mean? I had just turned 41 and this was the first I was hearing about it. But according to this 'NEO' test that I had taken, the results showed that I was popping up off the chart.  So if normal anxiety levels are at 5 & high anxiety is at 10, I was at...15! Say what now!??!

I was floored. My whole life, I thought I was just high energy. Whoops! That explains ALOT, (much of which I am sure will be revealed in these 45 days - you lucky reader - lol)

Since most people she saw at a level 10 were medicated, she was shocked to find out that I was fully functioning without any meds whatsoever. When she asked me what I was doing to manage my anxiety naturally, I gave her my list:

Meditation, Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Journalling, Healthy Eating, Walking, Good Sleep, Having Fun, Essential Oils, Good Supplements, Self-Care...

None of which cause any side effects, only side benefits - except apparently reduced anxiety.  #winwin

I was just living my life, doing what I do, trusting what felt good for me and my body. Who knew?... 

If you struggle with anxiety, know that you are not alone. I get it. I'd also love to hear what you do to manage it?  Leave your comments & questions below and I'll happily share some of my favorite go-to secrets. 


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